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Le 22/05/2024
Tom Imeson
Imeson Residential Rentals
« Was looking around at big dump trailers to haul away leftovers from tenants. Found these fellows and gave them a call. When they called back extremely polite and helpful. Thinking I might go this way. So far a good experience with the people who work there. Everything I have ever bought built in Quebec has been really good and I expect they same if I order this. They seems to be great manufacturers there. »
Le 01/12/2020
Tom Blakeman
Load-N-Lift Disposal
« I was sitting in my office today watching all the different videos that Cam-Concept has put out of all there different kinds of equipment made in there plant . I must say I 'm truely amazed . I own two hook lifts that was built for me and they are with out a doubt some of the best hook lifts on the market . Keep ou the good work. »
Le 18/09/2017
Pierre Trudel
Conteneur Bacus
« Exceptional products, I recommend them. »
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