15k12PV36 - TRUCK 15K- 12ft HOOK LIFT SYSTEM

Capacity: 16000 lbs
Weight: 2600lbs - 2950lbs
Standard hook height options: 36", 42'' , 54''
Containers length: 12ft to 14ft
Recommended Truck ''CA'': 102 or 116''
Recommended truck frame length: 152''- 158''
Truck GVWR: 19500 to 25000 lbs
Hook / Dumper hydraulic cylinder: 6''1/2 hydraulic cylinder
Tilt cylinder: 3'' hydraulic cylinder
Hydraulic tank with filter: Capacity of 12 gallons with tank mounted filter
3 sections hydraulic valve: Hook / dump and tilt coltrolled with a cable joystick, Auxiliary section for hydraulic tools

Technical characteristics

Available options
Electric / hydraulic tarping system
Rear bumper with LED light and 2'' towing hitch tube