CL202GN12- Trailer 2 axles Goose Neck 14K Capacity - for 12 to 14 foot containers

Model : CL202GN12
2 axles trailer 12 feet deck for 12 to 14-foot containers
Gross trailer weight (GTW) 20,000 lbs
Axles 2 x 10,000 lbs
Empty trailer weight 4 500 lbs
Payload 15,500 lbs + tongue weight
Tongue weight, fully loaded 2500 lbs
Overall length (empty) 20'-9''
Width 8'
Bed height (empty) 33''
Bed length 12'
Hook height 42''

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Technical characteristics

Available options
Electrical Tarping System Wireless
Spare Wheel 235/85R16 14 ply & rack
Tool Box
Jack Hydraulic
Aluminum Rims



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