Asphalt system

• 12 feet in length, 7 feet in width
• 50W tubular steel base frame 5 '' x 2 '' x 1/4 ''
• Base structure in C3 ’’ @ 4.1
• Hook Height 36''
• Steel rollers for deposit on land
• Insulated container 10 "long, 6" wide and 48 "high with a capacity of 4.5 cubic yards
• Partitions, inclined sides and screw trough, double walls with hot air circulation
• Double vertical baffle walls serving as gas evacuation
• Side walls covered with a 2 ? rock wool insulated bulkhead
• Rock wool insulated 3 '' thick front walls
• 3 '' thick rock wool insulated rear door opens full width
• 9 '' steel worm with manual proportional hydraulic control for managing the quantity of product to be discharged.
• Manual directional channel for orientation when laying asphalt
• 2 '' thick insulated, hydraulically opening top panels for loading asphalt
• Heating by burners (2) with Becket 12 Volt 400 000 BTU oil
• Protection in the event of overheating by mechanical thermostat.
• Digital temperature control adjustable from 50 @ 350 ° F
• Thermocouple type probes (2) for precise temperature reading
• Deep cycle battery for powering the electrical system
• Electric cable for connecting the system to the network to keep the heating in operation even when the box is on the ground.
• 16 gallon diesel tank providing 16 hours of burner operating time
• Manual proportional hydraulic valves
• Connection of the hydraulic system to the auxiliary system of the carrier vehicle by hydraulic line with quick connectors
• Electric cable with 7-pin connector for connection to the carrier vehicle
• LED clearance lights
• LED position lights
• LED turn signal and stop lights
• Gyrophare LED stroboscope (2)
• Adjustable LED work lights (2)
• Tilting of the body by the vehicle's Cam-Lift system
• Anti-adhesion agent spray holder
• Brackets for shovels and brooms
• Control panel including:
o System power key switch
o Heating system start button
o heating system stop button
o Vehicle / autonomous mode selector
o Digital temperature display with setpoint adjustment
o Emergency stop
o work light switch
o beacon switch
• Aluminum storage boxes on the front part
• Epoxy Gray Primer
• SherKem orange yellow paint 2 coats
• Operation and maintenance manual


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